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Our Lady of Peace

This school has been placed in the care of the Blessed Mother under the title Our Lady of Peace. It is an ancient title of the Blessed Mother, dating from the early days of the Church and was often used to honour and commemorate Mary’s perfect accordance with her son Jesus. This began when she agreed to be the Mother of God and continued until her assumption into Heaven.

The Oblate Missionaries of Southern Alberta named their mission and the first church they built in Southern Alberta, Our Lady of Peace. One of the first pastors at Our Lady of Peace Parish was Father Doucet after whom our neighbouring school was named. Peace is important for the full expression of human life. Peace is the sign of union with God. It was the last gift which Jesus gave to the world before He ascended into Heaven. He left us His peace - a gift the world could not give. When we perceive our neighbour as our brother and sister, objects of our love and care, then we are at peace with our neighbour. That perfect love of God and neighbor is the ultimate peace for all humankind. It was the intent of the Missionaries that southern Alberta, under the patronage of Mary, might know the peace of those who love God and their neighbour.